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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
Dec-2017-Evaluating the potential of biodiesel production through microalgae farming in photobioreactor and high rate ponds from wastewater treatmentPinho, David M. M.; Oliveira, Renato S.; Santos, Vitor M. L. dos; Marques, Welington F.; Pinto, Angelo C.; Rezende, Michelle J. C.; Suarez, Paulo Anselmo Ziani--
2012-Preparation, characterisation and evaluation of brazilian clay-based catalysts for use in esterification reactionsRezende, Michelle J. C.; Pereira, Mírian da Silva Costa; Santos, Gabriel F. N.; Aroeira, Gabriel O. P.; Albuquerque Junior, Tiago C.; Suarez, Paulo Anselmo Ziani; Pinto, Angelo C.--
2018-Synthesis and evaluation of biocide and cetane number improver additives for biodiesel from chemical changes in triacylglyceridesCosta, Kênia P.; Valle, Stella F. do; Santos, Thayana Felipe Lelis dos; Rangel, Ellen Tanus; Pinto, Angelo C.; Suarez, Paulo Anselmo Ziani; Rezende, Michelle J. C.--