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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
2018-Benefits of the successive GPM based satellite precipitation estimates IMERG–V03, –V04, –V05 and GSMaP–V06, –V07 over diverse geomorphic and meteorological regions of PakistanSatgé, Frédéric; Hussain, Yawar; Bonnet, Marie-Paule; Hussain, Babar M.; Martínez Carvajal, Hernán Eduardo; Akhter, Gulraiz; Uagoda, Rogério Elias Soares--
12-Oct-2020-Detection of cover collapse doline and other epikarst features by multiple geophysical techniques, case study of Tarimba Cave, BrazilHussain, Yawar; Uagoda, Rogério Elias Soares; Borges, Welitom Rodrigues; Prado, Renato; Hamza, Omar; Cárdenas-Soto, Martín; Havenith, Hans-Balder; Dou, Jie--
2022-Hydrogeophysical characterization of fractured aquifers for groundwater exploration in the Federal District of BrazilHussain, Yawar; Campos, José Eloi Guimarães; Borges, Welitom Rodrigues; Uagoda, Rogério Elias Soares; Hamza, Omar; Havenith, Hans-Balder--
2019-Monitoring of Sobradinho landslide (Brasília, Brazil) and a prototype vertical slope by time-lapse interferometryHussain, Yawar; Cardenas-Soto, Martin; Uagoda, Rogério Elias Soares; Martino, Salvatore; Rodriguez-Rebolledo, Juan; Hamza, Omar; Martínez Carvajal, Hernán Eduardo--
29-Apr-201928-Sep-2018Site characterization and analysis of landslide dynamics under the influence of triggering factors by geophysical methodsHussain, YawarMartínez Carvajal, Hernán EduardoRodríguez Rebolledo, Juan Felix
14-Aug-2020-The potential use of geophysical methods to identify cavities, sinkholes and pathways for water infiltrationHussain, Yawar; Uagoda, Rogério Elias Soares; Borges, Welitom Rodrigues; Nunes, José Gustavo da Silva; Hamza, Omar; Condori, Cristobal; Aslam, Khurram; Dou, Jie; Cárdenas-Soto, Martín--
2019-Typological analysis of slidequakes emitted from landslides : experiments on an expander body pile and Sobradinho landslide (Brasilia, Brazil)Hussain, Yawar; Hussain, Sehar M.; Martino, Salvatore; Cardenas-Soto, Martin; Hamza, Omar; Rodriguez Rebolledo, Juan Felix; Uagoda, Rogério Elias Soares; Martínez Carvajal, Hernán Eduardo--