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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
15-Jun-2019-Continuous monitoring of the spatio-temporal patterns of surface water in response to land use and land cover types in a mediterranean lagoon complexFeng, Yujie; Dessay, Nadine; Delaitre, Eric; Gurgel, Helen da Costa; Gong, Peng--
2020-A mapping review on urban landscape factors of Dengue retrieved from earth observation data, GIS techniques, and survey questionnairesMarti, Renaud; Li, Zhichao; Catry, Thibault; Roux, Emmanuel; Mangeas, Morgan; Handschumacher, Pascal; Gaudart, Jean; Tran, Annelise; Demagistri, Laurent; Faure, Jean-François; Carvajal, José Joaquín; Drumond, Bruna; Xu, Lei; Herbreteau, Vincent; Gurgel, Helen da Costa; Dessay, Nadine; Gong, Peng--
2020-Semi-supervised text classification framework : an overview of Dengue landscape factors and satellite earth observationLi, Zhichao; Gurgel, Helen da Costa; Dessay, Nadine; Hu, Luojia; Xu, Lei; Gong, Peng--