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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
2010-Determinants of beta diversity : the relative importance of environmental and spatial processes in structuring phytoplankton communities in an Amazonian floodplainNogueira, Ina de Souza; Nabout, João Carlos; Ibañez, Maria do Socorro Rodrigues; Bourgoin, Laurence Maurice--
2019-Monitoring simplification in plankton communities using different ecological approachesSouza, Carla Albuquerque de; Machado, Karine Borges; Nabout, João Carlos; Muniz, Daphne Heloisa de Freitas; Oliveira-Filho, Eduardo Cyrino; Kraus, Cleber Nunes; Ribeiro, Rômulo José da Costa; Vieira, Ludgero Cardoso Galli--
2019-A snapshot of the limnological features in tropical floodplain lakes : the relative influence of climate and land useAlves, Maria Tereza Ribeiro; Machado, Karine Borges; Ferreira, Manuel Eduardo; Vieira, Ludgero Cardoso Galli; Nabout, João Carlos--