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Title: Produción del conocimiento y multivocalidad : estudio de caso en la Universidad de Brasilia
Authors: Simeão, Elmira
Miranda, Antonio
Assunto:: Multivocalidade
Comunicação extensiva
Produção do conhecimento
Autoria coletiva
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: SIMEÃO, Elmira; MIRANDA, Antonio. Produción del conocimiento y multivocalidad: estudio de caso en la Universidad de Brasilia. In: CONGRESSO ISKO, 8., 2007, Espanha. Anais... Espanha: ISKO, 2007.
Abstract: It introduces the teacher and students' experience of the University of Brasília (UNB) for the creation of a book based in the multivocality, methodology that explores the possibility of instrumentalization of a collective intelligence in the process of the knowledge production. The proposal resulted in a work of collective authorship in a process drifted through TIC, with the use of the plataform in the Department of Information Science (UNB). The authors developed a list of key-words which were also organised for subsequent indexation and the generarion of metadados. This multivocal research, initiated with the publication of online summaries, later enlarged and published through the web, and promoting the autonomy in the search for information in a work of collective edition. The experience showed that the use of the multivocality in the generation of contents is already a tool to implement hipertextextuality and interactivity, which can simulate possible experiences in the traditional presencial teaching processes. The technique opens new possibilities of mutidimensional treatment of data and the no-linearity of the speeches engaged in an extensive research in the net as a tool in the classroom.
metadata.dc.description2: Apresentado no 8º Congresso ISKO, Espanha, 18 a 20 de abril de 2007.
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