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Title: Ozonation of Brazil nuts : decomposition kinetics, control of Aspergillus flavus and the effect on color and on raw oil quality
Authors: Oliveira, Juliana Martins de
Alencar, Ernandes Rodrigues de
Blum, Luiz Eduardo Bassay
Ferreira, Wallas Felippe de Souza
Botelho, Silvia de Carvalho Campos
Racanicci, Aline Mondini Calil
Leandro, Eliana dos Santos
Mendonça, Marcio Antônio
Moscon, Eder Stolben
Bizerra, Lincoln Vicente Araújo dos Santos
Silva, Caroline Rosa da
Assunto:: Ozonização
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: OLIVEIRA, Juliana Martins de et al. Ozonation of Brazil nuts: decomposition kinetics, control of Aspergillus flavus and the effect on color and on raw oil quality. LWT-Food Science and Technology, v. 123, p. 109106, 2020. Disponível em:
Abstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate the decomposition kinetics of ozone gas for preservation of Brazil nuts, the effect on Aspergillus flavus and possible effects on color and on raw oil quality. With regards to the saturation process, an exponential reduction of the saturation time was observed, while the saturation concentration increased linearly in the porous medium as the initial gas concentration was increased. Ozone half-life in the Brazil nuts at 25 °C was equivalent to 4.20 min. As for the effect of ozone on A. flavus, at the concentration of 8.88 mg L−1 , for 240 min, the gas was able to cause a reduction in the count of microorganisms greater than 3.10 log cycles. Changes in the structure of the microorganisms and color of the colonies were also evidenced. Ozonation did not alter the quality of Brazil nut oil or its lipid profile. From the obtained results, it was concluded that: the initial ozone concentration influences the time and saturation concentration; ozone efficiently inactivates A. flavus in Brazil nuts; and in the conditions adopted for the present study, ozone does not affect the quality of the raw oil, including the lipid profile.
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