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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
1999-Hydrolysis of xylans by enzyme systems from solid cultures of Trichoderma harzianum strainsSilveira, Fabiane Q. de Paula; Ximenes, F. A.; Cacais, André O. Guerreiro; Milagres, A. M. F.; Medeiros, C. L.; Puls, Jurgen; Ferreira Filho, Edivaldo Ximenes--
1991-Enterolobin induces rat paw oedema independently of PAF-AcetherFaria Neto, Hugo Caire de Castro; Cordeiro, Renato Sergio Balao; Martins, Marco Aurélio; Silva, A. C. V. Correira da; Bozza, Patricia Torres; Sousa, Marcelo Valle de; Morhy, Lauro--
Jun-1999-Ultrastructural study of spermatozoa of the neotropical lizards, Tropidurus semitaeniatus and Tropidurus torquatus (Squamata, Tropiduridae)Teixeira, Ruscaia Dias; Vieira, Gustavo Henrique Calazans; Colli, Guarino Rinaldi; Báo, Sônia Nair--
1999-Ultrastructural localization of enzymatic activity during spermiogenesis in two phytophagous bugs (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)Fernandes, Adrienne Paiva; Báo, Sônia Nair--
May-1999-Effect of the interval of serial sections of ovarian tissue in the tissue chopper on the number of isolated caprine preantral folliclesLucci, Carolina Madeira; Amorim, Christiani Andrade; Báo, Sônia Nair; Figueiredo, José Ricardo; Rodrigues, Ana Paula Ribeiro; Silva, José Roberto Viana; Gonçalves, Paulo Bayard Dias--
1992-Distribution of intramembranous particles and filipin-sterol complexes in the spermatid and spermatozoon of Culex quinquefasciatus (Culicidae)Báo, Sônia Nair; Souza, Wanderley de--
1999-Structural and ultrastructural studies of Anticarsia gemmatalis midgut cells infected with the baculovirus A. gemmatalis nucleopolyhedrovirusMatos, Tatiana G.T.; Giugliano, Lilian Gimenes; Ribeiro, Bergmann Morais; Báo, Sônia Nair--
1998-Structural and ultrastructural changes during the infection of UFL-AG-286 cells with the baculovirus AgMNPVPombo, Vivian; Velloso, Lucas Malard; Ribeiro, Bergmann Morais; Báo, Sônia Nair--
1998-Contribution of the golgi complex—endoplasmic reticulum system during spermiogenesis in three species of phytophagous bugs (Hemiptera : Pentatomidae)Fernandes, Adrienne Paiva; Curi, Guilherme; Báo, Sônia Nair--
1994-Structural specialization in the flagellum of the spermatozoon of the bloodsucking bug (Rhodnius prolixus; Hemiptera, Reduviidae)Báo, Sônia Nair; Souza, Wanderley de--